​​​​​​​Adrian Diaz comes from a mixture of indigenous Meso-American and Spanish roots. His ancestors have sacrificed so much to put him in the position he is in now. Completing his BFA in Graphic Design as a first generation college student has sparked a new beginning for his legacy. Although the journey to make his dream come to life wasn’t so smooth. During his early upbringing, his parents lived check by check, constantly moved, separated, and on top of that the environments he was raised in were cluttered with poverty. With tremendous adversity comes life long lasting strength, therefor he pushes the attitudes of valuing honesty and trusting fear.

" The environments I grew up in have a heavy influence on how I interpret and visualize. It all began in the 4th grade; it started by having an instinctive connection with the expressed letterforms on the streets. From there on it grew into contagiously perfecting every dynamic that brought out its true form. Graffiti, I don't see it as vandalism, but rather as a manifested culture that’s uncontrollably created by oppression. However, eventually maturing and trusting fear, I let the fire come to create a spark. The spark was letting the natural foundation of my up bringing be the guidance to be noticed as a designer. "
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